Soar Screens Services

SB3 Roofing is renowned for its quality solar screen services. We connect you with the best handymen that understand your requirements and suggest you the best. We are the best and exceptional at our services, but we believe that our customers should stay informed about every step of the service they are getting. Therefore, we explain bit by bit the solar screen service.

Durable Solar Screen Service Guaranteed.

Unlike other construction companies, we provide you with the feasibility to contact our technicians. We have seen how different companies exploit their customers and make more money for worse quality. With SB3 Roofing, you can rest assured that you will not face any such issue. We only hire insured and licensed technicians who are experienced in the field.  Be it gutter service, roofing. Wood fence installation or any else, with SB3 Roofing, you are in the best hands.

Why Get Solar Screens?

  • They reduce energy costs by at least 15%.
  • Reduce the glare to improve productivity and comfort.
  • Provides increased privacy while letting the light pass.
  • Made with UV resistant, antimicrobial, and flame retardant materials
  • They are recyclable and biodegradable.